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Leanne and Chandos

In the Words of Maid of Honour, Kirsty Jordan

What a lovely day!

26th May 2018 in the Bride and Groom’s own words was a ‘perfect day’, the sun shone, the drinks flowed and two of the best people get to spend the rest of their lives together!

The morning of the wedding the sky’s rumbled and rain looked imminent despite this both Leanne and Chandos’ excitement couldn’t be faltered. However, neither needed to worry for long as the clouds parted, and the sun came out in all its glory to shine on the blushing bride as she left home with her dad by her side. One of my personal highlights of the day was Chandos’ face as he watched Leanne walk down the aisle. I don’t think he could of looker prouder, more excited or more in love than he did in that moment. Although the attention was soon on Chandos when they knelt at the alter for the prayers to find Chandos’ dad had written help on the soles of his shoes! A family tradition both dads were insistent they continue with the newest groom in the family. From the church the newlyweds Mr and Mrs Day were chauffeured in a shiny Roller to their reception venue, whilst the wedding party were treated to a bumpy exceptionally hot ride in a fabulous vintage bus.

Despite its humble origins Itchen Abbas Village Hall was in all its splendour, with Leanne at the creative helm and a team of willing volunteers it had been transformed in to a magnificent reception venue. With sunflowers and roses adorning the tables, a sumptuous chill out area in the garden and a long awaited ice-cold glass of prosecco welcoming everyone at the door; the scene was set for a fantastic wedding reception. Before we could all tuck in to the delicious food, the speeches were delivered; the best man highlighting the grooms finest dining experiences (eating a kebab off the floor!), the father of the bride detailing both her best qualities and her more shall we say ditzy points, the groom sharing his thanks for everyone who helped whilst constantly catching glimpses of his stunning bride and myself recalling the time Leanne lost Chandos… in their one bedroom flat!

After the food had been devoured it was time to truly get the party started in the form of Gary Miles, the dancefloor soon began to fill with people dancing like penguins, flamenco dancing and my personal favourite the tango. Soon followed the cutting of the cake which in fact was a mountain of gorgeous chocolate brownies kindly made by Leanne’s childhood childminder. The first dance followed during which everyone there could certainly ‘Feel the love tonight’, they may as well have been no on else in the room they only had eyes and hands for each other (Chandos!). As the evening guests arrived the cocktails began flowing there was little room on the dancefloor with everyone requesting their favourite tracks. Leanne and Chandos made the dancefloor their home for the evening throwing their characteristic dance moves like no tomorrow, with Leanne even indulging Chandos’ love for heavy metal for a crazy 15-minute moshing session! Their perfect day ended with the full version of Meatloaf’s bat out of hell, showing that Leanne will do anything for love.

To sum up Mr and Mrs Day’s wedding day is almost impossible, all I can say is to Leanne and Chandos thank you for letting me be a part of your ‘perfect day’. I am sure you have the most magical future ahead of you and I cannot wait to see what your next chapter brings.

Venue – Itchen Abbas Village Hall -

Makeup – Anna Gillingham

DJ -

Singer/ Band – Gary Myles