Murray Freestone Photography
I am an experienced wedding photographer based in the south of England. I specialise in a natural, unobtrusive style of wedding photography

About Me


I have been a successful full time photographer since 2011 and feel happily settled living in Salisbury in Wiltshire with my daughter Sky. When I’m not photographing or editing, I can usually be found planting trees and generally grubbing around with my little pint sized partner in crime, Sky! At the tender age of 2, she is already accompanying me on climbing trips and generally getting involved in EVERYTHING!


I grew up in Hampshire and was diagnosed with Dyslexia quite early on in my education. Although formal education didn’t get the best out of me, I always loved making things and generally being active. My mother is an artist and I remember always being keen to try and get involved with her projects.  Looking back on it now, I probably wasn’t being as helpful as I thought I was being at the time! But she humoured me and my love of visual arts was born!                                                                                  In my late teens and early 20s, I was fortunate enough to travel the world for a number of years visiting The States, Thailand, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. I also lived in Australia and New Zealand for a year each. It was at the start of this adventure living in Melbourne in 2006 that I brought my first proper camera and it immediately “clicked”. The following years were spent travelling to new places and meeting new people… the absolute best environment for any photographer!

Now more than ten years on, I haven’t looked back! My career has given me amazing opportunities and I have now shot nearly 200 weddings all over the World. I love meeting up with couples and finding out about their story, where they met, what makes them laugh at each other. It’s just such a privilege for me to meet people and capture such an intimate day of their lives. I absolutely love what I do which I think translates into the images that I produce, and I love nothing more than hearing all the positive feedback I get from my couples.

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