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Cat and Dan

Château La Tour Vaucros, Sorgues, France

Words lovingly written by Philippa McCrea, Maid of Honour

Growing up with a sister 11 months younger than you, you spend a lot of time playing make believe weddings and dressing up as the future brides you hope to one day become. But when the day finally arrives that you get to watch your little sister live out her fairy-tale dream, it’s something that is truly more magical than I could ever have imagined.

We stood on the balcony overlooking the pool the night before her wedding day, reminiscing of all the times we used to dream about this day and not quite believing that the time had actually arrived.

The whole day was like a dream come true – exactly how we’d imagined it but with all the finer details being made up of elements that she had so carefully planned and worked out all by herself over the past year.

I felt an overwhelming sense of pride at seeing how well she had planned the whole day. I think it all really dawned on me when her cake was presented to her – a beautiful, traditional French cake (otherwise known as a “Croquembouche”). I realised that there were so many tiny details to her day that she had planned all by herself – it was no longer our child-like, make believe day, but her real life wedding day, the day she married the man of her dreams.

Watching her all morning turning from girlfriend / sister / businesswoman extraordinaire, to the beautiful bride that she became when we helped her into her dress and feeling such an overwhelming emotion at how utterly stunning and magical she looked, to helping her out of the car in the pouring rain (yep that’s right… you can’t plan the weather, even in the South of France) and squeezing her hand before she walked down the aisle, to watching her saying her vows to marry Mr Stalker (haha, yes - Mr Stalker!), to taking off her heels when her feet were hurting too much to carry on dancing in them, to jumping on her bed the next morning and reminiscing about the whole day with her and her new husband…it was just the most perfect day.

…I’ll remember & treasure every single moment that I got to watch my baby sister live out her fairly-tale wedding, for the rest of my life.

 And if you’re wondering… yes she did take his name!

xxx Love you Cathy xxx

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